New Furniture


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Mom is done with her conference and my blog is finally getting updated!  To make up for totally ignore me (and all my feline siblings) mom decided to get us a new piece of cat furniture!  Mom said what we cats needed was a tall scratching post.   (I think mom is getting tired of telling me not to scratch the chair–oops!) She also wanted a post that was about 4 foot tall.  Mom wanted it that tall, and at slight angle, so that the bigger cats could really stretch when they scratched. I was very excited as mom looked all over the “web” (I’m still not clear on the “web” thing as I haven’t seen any spiders on mom’s computer) to find us a new scratching post.

Mom was on the computer for what seemed like forever!  And the longer mom looked, the less happy she seemed.  Eventually, she told me she couldn’t find what she wanted and we wouldn’t be buying a scratching post.  Well, I was totally devastated.  I had hoped that the new scratching post would be so much fun that I would forget about scratching on the chair, which would mean I wouldn’t get in so much trouble.  I went to bed a very unhappy cat.

At six-thirty this morning I heard mom leave the house and when she returned she had some bags from Home Depot and some lumber.  Of course, my feline sister, Abbie, went to see what mom was up to in the “work area” (which is really just a converted garage).  From my vantage point in the kitchen I could hear all sorts of noise!  Then I heard the skill saw, shortly after Abbie came running and I worried that made she had gotten her tail caught in the saw.  It turned out that Abbie had been scared by the noise.

After much sawing, hammering and all sort of different noises, and a few hours of work, mom appeared with a scratching post that she had made for us!  I should have known that my mom wouldn’t let not finding what she wanted in the store stop her getting what she (and what I) wanted.

So, we now have a brand new scratching post.  It is wonderful!  It’s about 44 inches tall, is at a slight angle, and has lots of sisal rope for us to scratch at!  Best of all mom sprayed it with cat nip spray!

Here is a picture of Abbie and I testing the new scratching post!  I guess I’ll forgive mom for going to that conference and putting my blog on vacation.  I’ve got to go and break in that scratching post!

Loving Purrs to All,

Currently on vacation


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Well, my mom has put me on “blog vacation”.  The school where she teaches and works as a math resource person has sent her to a conference (whatever that is) for four days!  I asked her again tonight if she would type my blog, but she said her mind is mush and I would have to wait until the conference was over.  So, I guess I’ll just have to get some more beauty rest and play with my cat toys until her brain becomes a solid mass again.

I hope everyone is during well and staying safe during all these fires, droughts and heatwaves we are having!

Loving Purrs to all,



Opera Singer?

I really thought that my sister, Zoey, had finally decided on what she wanted to be when she grew up….a supermodel.  But it seems that Zoey may be changing her mind.  Now I understand that it is difficult for a 7 year old to make sure difficult choices, but in human years that girl is at least 45 years old!  My mom says that since Zoey is an old lady, Zoey needs to get out and get a job as cat food isn’t cheap!  I’m sure mom is joking, at least I hope she is because my only skills are looking cute and doing cat yoga!

Anyway, because of this Zoey has been looking into several different occupations.  As those of you who follow my blog know, Zoey had been contemplating a career as a supermodel.  And no, she wasn’t thinking about modeling swimsuits!  But now it appears that Zoey maybe changing her mind and thinking about becoming an Opera Singer.  I’m not sure Zoey will be very good at it since she barely talks and when she does most of the time her mouth opens and nothing comes out!  I guess Zoey better get to practicing.

Loving purrs to you all,

Zoey practicing to become an opera singer

My Sister the Supermodel


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At my house there are six beautiful and very different female felines.  One of my feline sisters is Zoey, who one of my human parents says is “mentally challenged” and the other claims she is “Autistic”.  But I know that both of my human parents are wrong and the truth about Zoey is that she is, in fact, a supermodel who likes to keep a low profile.

Now you might wonder how I came to this conclusion.  Well, first off you need to understand that I used “cat logic”.  Yes, the same logic that tells me that when I see even the slightest hint of the bottom of my food bowl I need to meow and cry until someone puts more food in my dish.  Anyway, back to Zoey.  I base my my theory of Zoey being a supermodel on two facts.  Yes, they are facts because I can prove these two assertions and I have the photos to do so.

These are the reasons I believe Zoey is a supermodel.

1.  Zoey has very long legs and likes to pose in ways to show those legs off!

2.  Zoe loves to pose for the camera.

Although I’m sure I’m right, what do you think?  Is Zoey of supermodel?  I wonder if I could be a supermodel…I’m pretty good at posing, don’t you think?

And Stretch!


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I’m sure most all of my feline friends love to jump, spin, and fly through the air.  But in order to maintain our feline gymnastic skills it is important to stretch.  One of the best disciplines for stretching is yoga.  So, today I want to share one of my favorite yoga poses, it is called “upside down cat”.  Now the in the first position of the pose you need to be on the floor with your back legs pointing toward the ceiling.  It is important for your front paws and head to be turned the the left.  Also note the curl at the end of the tail–this is incredibly important to maintain throughout the pose.  You can see below the proper position for the pose.

Next, while keeping your back and front feet stationary, move your head to mirror the position in photo below.  Note that if you have any difficulty with the pose you can use a door or a wall to support yourself while performing this motion.  Remember the curl in the tail!

Now, while lifting your back feet slightly to the ceiling, carefully maintaining the curl at the end of your tail, turn and lift your head in such a way so that you can see your tail.  You can see the perfect execution below.  Remember, if you need support use your front feet!

This is a wonderful stretching exercising and when done properly this pose will keep you jumping, spinning and flying through the air for a long time to come!

Loving Purrs to you all



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My human mom says she’ getting a little tired of being schizophrenic over this blog.  I’m not sure what schizo-whatever is, but the look on her face produced this look on my face as I thought I might not be a published pussycat any longer.  But mom said it was because she was trying to run my blog and her photo blog under one account and it was making her crazy.  I’m not sure what crazy is for humans, but mom calls me crazy when I “frag out” and run around the house.  I can’t imagine my human mom running around the house, so I’m a little worried about her going crazy.

But then she said she had decided to separate the blogs into two accounts so I would have my own blog with my own followers and friends that I follow.  I was very happy about that as I wasn’t sure about this schizophrenic thing and I didn’t want to see mom running around the house “fragging out”!  Now that emergency is over I’m going back to playing with my toys.

Morning Round Up!


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Around our house in the mornings my human mom does what she calls the “morning round up”.  Now you might think that with six cats and two dogs in the house the “morning round up” would be getting all of us together in one place, but we cats refuse to herded–just ask our border collie!  No, the “morning round up” is something my human mom calls a chore, but we cats call it one of our favorite daily (nightly) games.

The “morning round up” is when our human mom goes around the house and rounds up all our toys.  These are some of our toys:

This, of course, is the beginning of our “game” each day.  Our human mom picks up all the toys from all over the house and we cats spend the entire day and night playing with our toys and spreading them out all over the house.  It is truly one of my most favorite games…in fact, I’m getting ready to begin the game again.

Loving purrs to all,

Hijacked, Put-off and Awarded


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After my last blog post early in the week I snuck away for a brief cat nap, after all, blogging for a young kitty such as I is very draining.  Upon my waking I rose to find one of my feline housemates, the one who likes to refer to herself as Princess Callie Boo-Boo and hasn’t a royal bone in her body, had hijacked my blog!  The nerve of that old calico to use my blog for her agenda.  I’ll have to deal with her later.

Then my human mom had so sort of medical procedure that made her a little sick and very tired and when I asked her help with my blog I got put off until “later”.  I wasn’t very happy about the situation, but I do understand that my human does her best for us and I and the other cats needed to comfort and support her.  However, as I have short stubby toes and no opposable thumbs my blogging had to take a break until my human mom was up to the task of helping me.

But that’s not all that happened since last we spoke as I woke this morning to find that in my short time sharing with you all Bosun Dawg over at Tales of Life with Cats and Dogs, who has the most excellent blog that I love to follow and you should definitely read and follow, passed on the One Lovely Blog Award and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  Thank you Bosun Dawg for for your support and passing on these most excellent awards.


The awards rules are as follows:

(1) Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.  (Thanks again Bosum Dawg!)

(2) Share 7 things about yourself.

(3) Nominate 15 bloggers you admire.

(4) Leave a comment on each letting them know they have been nominated.

As my human mom is all about the rules…  Once again thanks to Bosun Dawg over at Tales of Life with Cats and Dogs for these wonderful awards.  As for seven things about me I think I’ll share about me, my family and my human mom…

  • I’m Tigger an orange (technically red) female tabby who is far to cute for my own good and I use that cuteness to its fullest.
  • I am, like all my feline and canine siblings, a rescue who has found her forever home!
  • I have five feline siblings: Callie (or Princess Callie Boo-Boo the blog hijacker), Zoey, Gracie, Abbie and Sophie.
  • I have two canine housemates who are the greatest of dogs: Annie and Mika
  • I love living at my house where our human mom has turned a spare room into a cat room for us which has a huge bed to sleep on, different pieces of cat furniture where I love to lounge around and cat nap, and wonderful empty stair step shelves to climb, play on and nap on.
  • My human mom loves to take photos and you can see some of her pictures at My World Through My Lens.
  • My human mom is also a huge tech geek and loves all things electronic.

Now in no particular order the 15 (or so) blogs I admire:

All the JazzCat


Satchmo The Cat


Sparta’s World


Savannah’s Paw Tracks

Myau Myau’s photo gallery

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Loving purrs to all,