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Today I would like to clear up an issue that has been on my feline mind, that being the cat logic concerning the food bowl.  For some reason you humans believe that if there is any food in a food bowl the bowl is full.  However, those of us in the “feline know” understand that if you can see any part of the bottom of the food dish the dish needs to be filled.  As we felines depend upon our humans to provide us with sustenance a constantly full bowl is a must!  What would happen if the bowl were almost empty and our human decided to stay out late with friends and we had nothing but crumbs to sustain us for two hours?  Or, what if our human were to stay the night with friends and we ran out of food before our human came home? This is why it is so important that we meow and cry when we see the bottom of our food dish–or we might starve to death waiting for our human to come home.  This is why I need all you humans to understand the “cat logic” behind our food bowl obsession.  Thanks for reading my first post.

Loving purrs to you all