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Today I want to talk to all my feline friends about the importance of looking cute.  Cuteness is one of the most important skills we felines can master.  It is because of our cuteness that we get adopted into homes, receive tasty treats, get awesome toys, enjoy lavish amounts of praise and petting–cuteness is our ticket to a glorious life of luxury and excellent massages.

Above is a prime example of cuteness.  This is one of my feline housemates, Abbie.  Abbie has perfected the art of cuteness and uses masterfully to manipulate our humans into giving her special treats, lots of toys and loving massages.  Look at how she has made herself look helpless and vulnerable.  Notice how she has made direct eye contact with a look in her eyes that just shouts to her human “Love me because I’m so sweet and cute.”  So, to all you young kittens out there–look, learn and practice the art of cuteness if you hope to have a wonderful life of kitty luxury and excess.

As you can see below, Abbie is not the only feline in my house that has mastered cuteness.  I also have honed this skill and practice it every moment I can, and I can do it with my eyes closed.

Loving purrs to all