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We felines are often thought of as independent and solitary creatures, and whether or not this is true, many of use find ourselves living in multi-cat households.  I know a few of you are the kings and queens of your households not having to give a care about having to share anything within your domain.  However, many of us live with one or more other cats or “creatures” and learning to share is a helpful lesson to learn.

I myself live not only in a multi-cat household with five other cats, but we also share the house with two dogs.   Let me tell you that sharing is very important as you must learn to share things like:

…the food bowls

…and the furniture!

As you can clearly see, sharing is a big part of the feline lifestyle when living in a multi-cat household.  So learn this lesson early and you will have not only a great life, but lots of friends to share your life.

Loving purrs to all