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Around our house in the mornings my human mom does what she calls the “morning round up”.  Now you might think that with six cats and two dogs in the house the “morning round up” would be getting all of us together in one place, but we cats refuse to herded–just ask our border collie!  No, the “morning round up” is something my human mom calls a chore, but we cats call it one of our favorite daily (nightly) games.

The “morning round up” is when our human mom goes around the house and rounds up all our toys.  These are some of our toys:

This, of course, is the beginning of our “game” each day.  Our human mom picks up all the toys from all over the house and we cats spend the entire day and night playing with our toys and spreading them out all over the house.  It is truly one of my most favorite games…in fact, I’m getting ready to begin the game again.

Loving purrs to all,