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My human mom says she’ getting a little tired of being schizophrenic over this blog.  I’m not sure what schizo-whatever is, but the look on her face produced this look on my face as I thought I might not be a published pussycat any longer.  But mom said it was because she was trying to run my blog and her photo blog under one account and it was making her crazy.  I’m not sure what crazy is for humans, but mom calls me crazy when I “frag out” and run around the house.  I can’t imagine my human mom running around the house, so I’m a little worried about her going crazy.

But then she said she had decided to separate the blogs into two accounts so I would have my own blog with my own followers and friends that I follow.  I was very happy about that as I wasn’t sure about this schizophrenic thing and I didn’t want to see mom running around the house “fragging out”!  Now that emergency is over I’m going back to playing with my toys.