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I’m sure most all of my feline friends love to jump, spin, and fly through the air.  But in order to maintain our feline gymnastic skills it is important to stretch.  One of the best disciplines for stretching is yoga.  So, today I want to share one of my favorite yoga poses, it is called “upside down cat”.  Now the in the first position of the pose you need to be on the floor with your back legs pointing toward the ceiling.  It is important for your front paws and head to be turned the the left.  Also note the curl at the end of the tail–this is incredibly important to maintain throughout the pose.  You can see below the proper position for the pose.

Next, while keeping your back and front feet stationary, move your head to mirror the position in photo below.  Note that if you have any difficulty with the pose you can use a door or a wall to support yourself while performing this motion.  Remember the curl in the tail!

Now, while lifting your back feet slightly to the ceiling, carefully maintaining the curl at the end of your tail, turn and lift your head in such a way so that you can see your tail.  You can see the perfect execution below.  Remember, if you need support use your front feet!

This is a wonderful stretching exercising and when done properly this pose will keep you jumping, spinning and flying through the air for a long time to come!

Loving Purrs to you all