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At my house there are six beautiful and very different female felines.  One of my feline sisters is Zoey, who one of my human parents says is “mentally challenged” and the other claims she is “Autistic”.  But I know that both of my human parents are wrong and the truth about Zoey is that she is, in fact, a supermodel who likes to keep a low profile.

Now you might wonder how I came to this conclusion.  Well, first off you need to understand that I used “cat logic”.  Yes, the same logic that tells me that when I see even the slightest hint of the bottom of my food bowl I need to meow and cry until someone puts more food in my dish.  Anyway, back to Zoey.  I base my my theory of Zoey being a supermodel on two facts.  Yes, they are facts because I can prove these two assertions and I have the photos to do so.

These are the reasons I believe Zoey is a supermodel.

1.  Zoey has very long legs and likes to pose in ways to show those legs off!

2.  Zoe loves to pose for the camera.

Although I’m sure I’m right, what do you think?  Is Zoey of supermodel?  I wonder if I could be a supermodel…I’m pretty good at posing, don’t you think?