I really thought that my sister, Zoey, had finally decided on what she wanted to be when she grew up….a supermodel.  But it seems that Zoey may be changing her mind.  Now I understand that it is difficult for a 7 year old to make sure difficult choices, but in human years that girl is at least 45 years old!  My mom says that since Zoey is an old lady, Zoey needs to get out and get a job as cat food isn’t cheap!  I’m sure mom is joking, at least I hope she is because my only skills are looking cute and doing cat yoga!

Anyway, because of this Zoey has been looking into several different occupations.  As those of you who follow my blog know, Zoey had been contemplating a career as a supermodel.  And no, she wasn’t thinking about modeling swimsuits!  But now it appears that Zoey maybe changing her mind and thinking about becoming an Opera Singer.  I’m not sure Zoey will be very good at it since she barely talks and when she does most of the time her mouth opens and nothing comes out!  I guess Zoey better get to practicing.

Loving purrs to you all,

Zoey practicing to become an opera singer