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Mom is done with her conference and my blog is finally getting updated!  To make up for totally ignore me (and all my feline siblings) mom decided to get us a new piece of cat furniture!  Mom said what we cats needed was a tall scratching post.   (I think mom is getting tired of telling me not to scratch the chair–oops!) She also wanted a post that was about 4 foot tall.  Mom wanted it that tall, and at slight angle, so that the bigger cats could really stretch when they scratched. I was very excited as mom looked all over the “web” (I’m still not clear on the “web” thing as I haven’t seen any spiders on mom’s computer) to find us a new scratching post.

Mom was on the computer for what seemed like forever!  And the longer mom looked, the less happy she seemed.  Eventually, she told me she couldn’t find what she wanted and we wouldn’t be buying a scratching post.  Well, I was totally devastated.  I had hoped that the new scratching post would be so much fun that I would forget about scratching on the chair, which would mean I wouldn’t get in so much trouble.  I went to bed a very unhappy cat.

At six-thirty this morning I heard mom leave the house and when she returned she had some bags from Home Depot and some lumber.  Of course, my feline sister, Abbie, went to see what mom was up to in the “work area” (which is really just a converted garage).  From my vantage point in the kitchen I could hear all sorts of noise!  Then I heard the skill saw, shortly after Abbie came running and I worried that made she had gotten her tail caught in the saw.  It turned out that Abbie had been scared by the noise.

After much sawing, hammering and all sort of different noises, and a few hours of work, mom appeared with a scratching post that she had made for us!  I should have known that my mom wouldn’t let not finding what she wanted in the store stop her getting what she (and what I) wanted.

So, we now have a brand new scratching post.  It is wonderful!  It’s about 44 inches tall, is at a slight angle, and has lots of sisal rope for us to scratch at!  Best of all mom sprayed it with cat nip spray!

Here is a picture of Abbie and I testing the new scratching post!  I guess I’ll forgive mom for going to that conference and putting my blog on vacation.  I’ve got to go and break in that scratching post!

Loving Purrs to All,